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Odnoklassniki.ru Founder Albert Popkov to Sell its Interest to DST

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Posted by: Quintura @ 03:33 [24. 08. 10]

The leading Russian internet investment group, Digital Sky Technologies (DST), which owns 80 percent interest in leading Russian social network Odnoklassniki.ru, is acquiring the remaining 20 percent stake from Odnoklassniki.ru founder, Albert Popkov. The deal could be valued at between $14 million and $28 million, according to newspaper Vedomosti. Albert Popkov raised several million dollar [...]

Top 10 Internet Entrepreneurs in Russia

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Posted by: Quintura @ 02:55 [29. 12. 09]

Top 10 internet entrepreneurs in Russia: 1. Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich, founding CEO and CTO of Yandex (leading Russian search engine and contextual advertsing provider). 2. Evgeny Kaspersky, co-founder & CEO of Kaspersky Lab (top 5 global internet security software vendor), was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation in Science and Technology. [...]

MoeDelo Named Most Attractive Investment Project at ELBA Forum

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Posted by: Quintura @ 15:10 [5. 12. 09]

Start-up MoeDelo has been named as the most attractive investment project at the first forum of internet projects and investors ELBA. The online accounting service company MoeDelo won Plyuschev Award 2009 in “Investment Attractiveness” category. The ELBA forum was held near Moscow on November 28. Launched in 2009, MoeDelo offers online bookkeeping service for small [...]

Odnoklassniki.ru and Albert Popkov Reached Settlement with i-CD Publishing

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Posted by: Quintura @ 02:59 [26. 11. 09]

Back in 2008, UK-based i-CD Publishing sued Albert Popkov, founder of Russia’s leading social network company Odnoklassniki.ru and the company for copyright infringement and breach of contract. Odnoklassniki.ru founder worked for i-CD Publishing before launching the social network. i-CD Publishing has reached a cash settlement with Albert Popkov and Odnoklassniki.ru, reported newspaper Vedomosti. The amount [...]