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Major Russian Women-Centric Sites WomanJournal.ru and Passion.ru to Merge

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Posted by: Quintura @ 00:53 [27. 11. 09]

The owners of most-visited Russian web-sites for women, WomanJournal.ru and Passion.ru have agreed to merge their businesses, reported newspaper Kommersant. As a result, Passion.ru founders Evgeny and Svetlana Vysokovskiy will obtain less than 50% stake in WomanJournal.ru’s owner Milanor and receive Board of Director seats, according to Pierric Duthoit, Milanor (WomanJournal.ru) CEO. The merger will [...]

Quintura Site Search To Reach Major U.S. Women-Centric Web Sites

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Posted by: Quintura @ 22:05 [29. 10. 08]

Having become a major site search solution provider for women-centric websites in Russia, Quintura Site Search now reaches more than 5 million monthly site visitors in the country. Quintura‘s visual-based site search is being used by major online lifestyle sites such as Passion.ru, Cosmo.ru, LeLuxe, and Portal-Woman.ru. They will be soon joined by Ameno.ru, Bazaar.ru [...]

Trio Of French VC Investors Funds Russian Women Site

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Posted by: Quintura @ 06:11 [22. 10. 08]

// The European venture capital investors are going across the border and scouting for opportunities outside of their home markets, the ones that have proven business models and success stories. Take auFeminin.com, a women-centric network of sites with over 20 million monthly users founded in France in 2001. It was valued at EUR 284 million [...]