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Nginx Raises $3 Million from BV Capital, Runa Capital and MSD Capital

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Posted by: admin @ 00:50 [11. 10. 11]

Russian-developed Nginx web server software company Nginx Inc. has raised $3 million in Series A equity funding from BV Capital, Runa Capital and MSD Capital of Michael Dell, the company announced today. The venture capital investors obtained less than 40 percent stake in the company, reported newspaper Vedomosti. BV Capital from Germany was the lead [...]

Russian-Developed Nginx Takes on Google and Microsoft in Web Server Software

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Posted by: Quintura @ 19:34 [23. 02. 10]

The web server software Nginx served 7.5% of top servers across all domains in January 2010, ahead of Google with 7%, according to Netcraft. Apache and Microsoft held 53.8% and 24.1% market share for top servers across all domains, respectively. Nginx has been steadily gaining market share ever since first release in 2004. The growth [...]