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Quintura Kids To Gain As Yahoo! Kids Goes To Deadpool

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Posted by: admin @ 10:43 [14. 05. 13]

Quintura‘s kids-friendly search engine Quintura Kids is gaining momentum because of various factors. One reason is an increasing usage of an universal iOS app of the web service. The other could be the fact that Yahoo! has terminated its kids directory Yahoo! Kids for good. The Quintura search engine for kids has made it easier [...]

Vitaly Petrov Signs for Lotus Renault GP; the only Russian Driver in Formula 1

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Posted by: admin @ 03:03 [23. 12. 10]

The 26-year-old Russian driver Vitaly Petrov (Виталий Петров) also known as “Vyborg rocket”, who was the “Rookie of the Year” in Formula 1 in 2010, will remain the only Russian driver in Formula 1. Vitaly Petrov who raced for Renault F1 Team alongside Robert Kubica of Poland in 2010, has signed for Lotus Renault GP [...]

Quintura Opens Up API, Launches Paid Site Search

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Posted by: Quintura @ 03:51 [3. 06. 10]

We at Quintura have launched paid site search for web publishers and corporate web-sites. The ad-free search is offered as “white label” hosted site search servce without search ads in SERP and logo. The site search service is available via http://affiliates.quintura.com. The  monthly site search service subscription fee depends on a number of pages in [...]

Quintura Releases Quintura Site Search, Version 2.0

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Posted by: Quintura @ 05:07 [19. 04. 10]

We have released version 2.0 of our hosted site search service, Quintura Site Search. Based on user feedback from more than 7,000 service registrations over the past two years, we improved web-site crawling and indexing, added new search display options and improved service user interface. Being one of the major visual search engines, Quintura indexes [...]

Google Seeks to Move to Meaning-Based Search – Quintura Does It

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Posted by: Quintura @ 01:58 [4. 09. 09]

Google CEO, Erick Schmidt has revealed in his recent interview to Techcrunch that Google needs to move from words to meaning, i.e. better understand search queries and return results based on meaning of the query. “We have to get from the sort of casual use of asking, querying…to “what did you mean?””, he told to [...]

I Like A New Look of Technorati Blog Search

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Posted by: Quintura @ 21:44 [4. 12. 08]

While making a search on Technorati tonight (on Moscow time), I have noticed a lot of changes in the Technorati’s interface of search engine results page. Technorati’s homepage has also changed. It’s easier to read. Just a few hours ago, it was an “old” Technorati blog search that we all know it. Now, it’s got [...]

Quintura To Power Site Search For Maxim.com

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Posted by: Quintura @ 23:54 [30. 06. 08]

We announced today that Maxim Digital, the fast growing family of websites and mobile properties for young men, has selected Quintura’s interactive site search platform to users of its online properties, including Maxim.com and Blender.com. Quintura’s semantic search technology makes it easier for users to find relevant content and better engage site audience with site’s [...]

Rambler Launches New Search: Vertical and Visual

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Posted by: Quintura @ 17:33 [9. 04. 08]

The second largest Russian search engine and portal Rambler has released a new version of its search engine. It is open to public on http://beta.rambler.ru The new search on Rambler has become visual and vertical. For easy navigation, the search results are clustered into four categories: Internet, Top 100, News, and Wikipedia, all marked in [...]