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Vodafone Now Sells Quintura Search Apps for Android

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Posted by: admin @ 11:45 [11. 04. 11]

The Quintura search apps for Android devices have been included in the Vodafone 360 Shops in Europe. The Quintura apps are now available at Vodafone 360 Shops in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Ireland as well as at MTS app store (МТС Магазин) in Russia. Quintura offers recipe search (Q Cook), [...]

Android Market statistics: See Devices and Countries for Quintura Cook installs

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Posted by: admin @ 16:13 [21. 03. 11]

// With Android app stores launched by Amazon, Vodafone, MTS and others, Android Market statistics for your apps is becoming very important. The statistics of Android Market is now being updated daily with information on installs, OS versions, devices, countries and languages. Top devices for Quintura recipe search app, Quintura Cook, are Motorola Droid X [...]