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Yandex (YNDX) Shares Close Up 55% at $38.84 Per Share at First Trading Day

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Posted by: admin @ 00:20 [25. 05. 11]

Yandex completed $1.3 billion IPO on NASDAQ yesterday, on May 24. Its shares (symbol “YNDX“) surged 55% from $25.00 to $38.84 at the first day of trading. More than 70 million Yandex shares changed hands, which is larger than Yandex IPO volume of 52.2 million shares. Yandex IPO underwriters included Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank Securities, [...]

Yandex Shares Up 40% to $35 Per Share Since Debut

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Posted by: admin @ 11:06 [24. 05. 11]

Today, Yandex shares started trading on NASDAQ under the symbol “YNDX“. The shares are up 40% to $35 per share, implying a market cap of over $11 billion. In honor of the occasion, Arkady Volozh, CEO of Yandex, rang the Opening Bell of the NASDAQ Stock Market. The Yandex team visited the NASDAQ MarketSite in [...]

Yandex $1.3 Billion IPO Today; Yandex Valued at $8 Billion

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Posted by: admin @ 02:40 [24. 05. 11]

The leading Russian search engine and contextual advertising company Yandex will price its shares at $25 per share at IPO. The IPO will value Yandex at $8 billion. Today, the shares of Yandex will start trading on NASDAQ under the symbol “YNDX“. Yandex will raise $385 million at IPO for potential investments and acquisitions. The [...]

Yandex Acquisitions Revealed in 2010, 2009 and 2008

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Posted by: admin @ 05:43 [10. 05. 11]

When Yandex revealed its IPO price range, out of 52.2 million total shares to be offered at IPO to investors Yandex will issue 15.4 million new shares to raise over $300 million for potential investments and acquisitions in Russia and abroad. Yandex made some acquisitions in 2010, 2009 and 2008. In August 2010, Yandex invested [...]

Yandex IPO Terms Revealed; Bigger than Mail.ru Group

Files under: News, Tech, Web 2.0
Posted by: admin @ 11:51 [9. 05. 11]

Russia’s leading search engine company Yandex, which plans to list on NASDAQ under the symbol “YNDX“, has announced terms for its IPO. The company plans to raise between $1,044 million and $1,148 million by offering ca. 52.2 million shares (or ca. 16% of total issued shares after IPO) at a price of between $20 and [...]