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Quintura launches service in Russia

Files under: News, Search Cases, Web 2.0
Posted by: Quintura @ 16:02 [15. 06. 06]

We have launched the Quintura visual search service at www.quintura.ru. The launch is covered by major Internet media in Russia: Internet.ru and Webplanet.

As mentioned by most of our users, Quintura brings a different approach to today’s web search by delivering a visual search experience.

For searching:

1) Type in an intial word in English and click Enter.
You will see a visual map or “tag cloud” of related words and phrases in addition to a traditional list of search results. The size of a word on the map indicates the degree of relationship to the initial search word.

2) To refine a search simply hover over or click the word on the map to add it to the initial search word. The search results will dynamically change to match the new search phrase.

3) You can also narrow down a search by removing the word with a mouse click.

Give it a try at www.quintura.ru!