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Archives for January 2008

RBC Buys Into Digital Music Business

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Posted by: Quintura @ 15:53 [31. 01. 08]

RBC Information Systems, a Russian media group acquired a 51% stake in Fidel.ru, an online retailer of digital music and other content. The deal is valued at $8.5 million including an investment commitment over the next three years and option to increase the stake to 75%. Fidel.ru sells copyright protected digital content including music, audio [...]

Verysell Receives $15 Million Funding For Acquisitions

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Posted by: Quintura @ 12:37 [30. 01. 08]

Deutsche Bank and Hillside Apex Fund SPC invested $15 million in exchange for a minority stake in Verysell Group, a leading system integration and IT consulting group in Russia and CIS countries. Verysell plans to use the new funds for acquisition purposes. In the beginning on 2007, Verysell raised $50 million from Renaissance Pre-IPO Fund, [...]

Is TechCrunch In Russia Taken Over By Cyber Squatter?

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Posted by: Quintura @ 02:09 [30. 01. 08]

Being the fastest growing online nation in Europe, the Russian Internet is making headlines by re-producing almost every popular Western web service. See my list of Top Web Sites & Apps of 2007 in Russia. Richard MacManus of ReadWriteWeb recently raised an issue of ‘Brand’ Squatting on his blog. And now it looks like TechCrunch.ru [...]

Will Yandex Go IPO in 2008?

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Posted by: Quintura @ 21:10 [29. 01. 08]

The leading Russian search engine and web portal Yandex announced today that its annual revenues increased 130% year-on-year to some $167 million in 2007. The company did $30 million in net income in 2006 and this number could double in 2007. The revenue breakdown in 2007 remained almost the same as in 2006 when the [...]

Quintura Launching Site Search – Magic Is Coming To Your Site

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Posted by: Quintura @ 11:43 [26. 01. 08]

We are launching Quintura for site search. Check a search widget in the sidebar on this blog. You can get invites via ReadWriteWeb, the leading web technology analysis and review blog. It’s free. It’s comfy. It’s Web 2.0ish and it’s hot because as Richard MacManus of ReadWriteWeb pointed out “Quintura uses Semantic Web technologies to [...]

Yandex Does Over 1 Billion Searches Per Month, More Than AOL and Ask

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Posted by: Quintura @ 19:17 [25. 01. 08]

The leading Russian search engine Yandex was the ninth largest search property worldwide with 566 million searches in December 2007, capturing 0.9 percent of global search share, according to comScore. Yandex reported its search engine had 31.5 million visitors and 587 million searches last December. In his recent interview to CenterNetworks, Yandex CTO Ilya Segalovich [...]

Gazprom-Media to Acquire RuTube, the Russian Answer to YouTube

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Posted by: Quintura @ 09:52 [23. 01. 08]

RuTube, the largest independent online video community in Russia with over 4.5 unique monthly visitors is in talks to be acquired by media holding Gazprom-Media in a deal that could value RuTube at some $20 million. RuTube, which has 300 thousand daily users and more than 40 million video views per month, could generate monthly [...]

Finam Puts $30 Million in Social Network Badoo

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Posted by: Quintura @ 14:22 [21. 01. 08]

The Russian financial group Finam has invested some $30 million for a 10% stake in global social network Badoo to help it grow in Russia. The Russian social networking market reached over 10 million users in January 2008. Badoo is a social networking site with photo and video sharing features. It has 12.7 million registered [...]

Bessemer Bets on Russian WiMAX Operator Enforta

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Posted by: Quintura @ 10:08 [17. 01. 08]

Bessemer Venture Partners leads a $40 million investment in Enforta in its first direct investment in Russia and the largest Western private equity investment in a Russian infrastructure-based telecom operator. The recent research from Maravedis found that Russia is among the top five global wireless broadband and WiMAX market opportunities. Enforta, a broadband telecom operator [...]