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Quintura Launching Site Search – Magic Is Coming To Your Site

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Posted by: Quintura @ 11:43 [26. 01. 08]

We are launching Quintura for site search. Check a search widget in the sidebar on this blog.

Quintura for site searchYou can get invites via ReadWriteWeb, the leading web technology analysis and review blog.

It’s free. It’s comfy. It’s Web 2.0ish and it’s hot because as Richard MacManus of ReadWriteWeb pointed out “Quintura uses Semantic Web technologies to power its search engine”.

It’s easy: you submit a site for indexing, customize a look of Quintura search cloud and grab an embed code & paste it into sidebar of your site.

Quintura for site search is for any individual site or blog owner and web publisher. As Kristen Nicole of Mashable noticed “more control is given to the end users and readers in terms of their interaction with search, and the results they receive”.

I would like to thank you the bloggers who have participated in early testing and embedded Quintura search widget onto their blogs including Nitin Karandikar of The Software Abstractions Blog, Markus Spark of The Museum of Modern Betas, and Ewan McIntosh of Edu.blogs.com.

Special thanks to Charles Knight who was the first to use Quintura for search on his blog AltSearchEngines.com

Try it out for yourself and let us know your views!


I agree with Don Dodge regarding no recession in the tech sector. The free and innovative site search that we are offering is a proof of that.


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