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Archives for September 2008

Digital Sky Technologies Could Acquire Seznam For $850 Million

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Posted by: Quintura @ 16:09 [30. 09. 08]

The Internet investment group Digital Sky Technology from Russia remains the most likely buyer of the leading Czech search engine and portal, Seznam, reported Prague-based radio station Radio Praha. Seznam holds more than 60% share of the Czech search market, twice as much as Google. The other potential buyers include private equity firms Warburg Pincus, [...]

How To Rival Google: Change The Paradigm

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Posted by: Quintura @ 20:13 [26. 09. 08]

I have recently given an interview to Aaron Wall of SEO Book where I said that “the best way of taking a marketshare from Google is not by building a better search destination site, but by changing the paradigm – give reasons for users not to make a decision to go to a search engine. [...]

Russian Online Video Advertising Market: Small But Grows Strongly

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Posted by: Quintura @ 15:12 [25. 09. 08]

In spite of a multi-million daily usage of Russian online video sharing sites such as Rutube, Video@Mail.ru, Smotri.com, Rambler Vision, the Russian online video advertising market accounted for only 1 percent of display advertising spending in Russia in the first half of 2008. We at Quintura also tried in-video advertising by sponsoring a cartoon produced [...]

Mail.ru Valued At $2 Billion

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Posted by: Quintura @ 03:33 [24. 09. 08]

Digital Sky Technologies (DST), Internet investment group in Russia run by Yuri Milner, has obtained a 50.6% majority stake in Mail.ru by acquiring an additional 15% stake in the company for $300 million from Tiger Global Management, reported business daily newspaper Vedomosti. As a result of the deal, Mail.ru was valued at $2 billion. DST [...]

Egrad Handset Retailer Raised $17 Million

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Posted by: Quintura @ 02:33 [24. 09. 08]

The Russian mobile phone retailer Egrad (Цифроград), which holds 10% market share in handset retail sales, raised $16.7 million from a group of existing and new investors. The deal was organized by an existing investor Russian Funds and consultant Advanced Research. Founded in 2003 by mobile phone and consumer electronics distributor Severen, Egrad has over [...]

Rambler Revenues Up 152% Year-On-Year

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Posted by: Quintura @ 14:57 [23. 09. 08]

Rambler Media, the Russian internet service and media company operating the Rambler portal, has reported its consolidated interim financial results for the six months ended June 30, 2008. Below are Rambler’s user statistics, financial highlights and key deals. In July 2008, Rambler agreed to sell a 50.1% stake in contextual ad firm Begun to Google [...]

LiveJournal Co-Owner Buys Euroset For $1.25 Billion

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Posted by: Quintura @ 08:58 [22. 09. 08]

The investment company A&NN Capital Management Fund of Alexander Mamut, who owns a significant stake in LiveJournal-owner SUP, agreed to acquire the largest mobile phone retailer in Russia, Euroset, reported business daily newspaper Kommersant. The deal valued Euroset at an enterprise value of $1,250 million including $850 million in debts, the daily said. Founded in [...]

GQ Names Odnoklassniki.ru Founder Businessman Of The Year

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Posted by: Quintura @ 10:13 [21. 09. 08]

Albert Popkov, the founder of the most popular Russian social networking site Odnoklassniki.ru, has been named “Businessman of the Year” by the men’s lifestyle magazine GQ. The annual ceremony “GQ People of the Year” was held at Et Cetera theater in Moscow on September 18. Odnoklassniki.ru has over 20 million registered accounts and 6 million [...]

Quintura Named Top 10 Alternative Search Technology By PCMag.com

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Posted by: Quintura @ 15:43 [9. 09. 08]

People say that Google turned ten this weekend. So did Yandex. I wonder what people will tell about Quintura (which recently turned three) in seven years from now. Kyle Monson, editor of PCMag.com (PC Magazine) has included Quintura in the list of 10 search services that find ways to improve on the Google search experience [...]

Early Success of Quintura Site Search Rewarded With New Funding

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Posted by: Quintura @ 16:27 [5. 09. 08]

Quintura is a semantic search engine and advertising technology company that offers interactive site search, analytics and monetization platform for web publishers and content owners. I would like to announce today that Quintura has received several million dollars in bridge funding from leading European early-stage venture capital investor Mangrove Capital Partners as a part of [...]

VTB Venture Fund Invests $4 Million In EZtalk

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Posted by: Quintura @ 12:28 [4. 09. 08]

The venture capital fund VTB Venture Fund invested $4 million (100 million rubles) in EZtalk, a mobile callback service operated in Russia by Simbiotel Limited company, reported newspaper RBC Daily. EZTalk helps save on international calls from mobile. The callback service market in Russia was valued at $60 million in 2007, of which mobile callback [...]

Global Technology Fund To Invest $30 Million in Instant Payment Operator

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Posted by: Quintura @ 08:37 [4. 09. 08]

The new private equity fund Global Technology Fund (GTF), which is managed by private equity firm Sloane Square Capital Partners, acquired a 31% stake in FreeCash (Свободная Касса), an instant payment processing provider, with an option to acquire an additional 20% stake, according to the company. GTF will invest a total of $30 million in [...]

Kids Search Engine Quintura for Kids Comes To Runet

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Posted by: Quintura @ 15:00 [3. 09. 08]

According to various estimates, children make up more than 3 million out of 30 million internet users in Russia. Our kids search engine Quintura for Kids now has a Russian version, Quintura для Детей on http://kids.quintura.ru The interactive search cloud on Quintura для Детей has graphics embedded next to popular search terms to make it [...]

Yandex IPO Plan On Track

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Posted by: Quintura @ 13:44 [3. 09. 08]

The IPO of the leading Russian internet search firm Yandex, which holds 55 percent share of searches in Russia, was not scheduled for 2009 as it was suggested by Profy. The Russian internet insider news site Roem.ru reported that it was just a market expectation from financial company Finam. The information did not come from [...]

Yandex vs. Google: Russian Chronicles

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Posted by: Quintura @ 01:03 [2. 09. 08]

It wasn’t a long ago when Google was doing a bench advertising in Moscow to build brand awareness in Russia. In a much bigger response, the leading Russian search engine Yandex has launched an outdoor advertising campaign called “Any Questions?” The idea behind is that answers to any questions can be found on Yandex. The [...]