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Archives for June 2011

Afisha Rambler to Acquire Kanobu Network, IGN.com for Russia

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Posted by: admin @ 03:19 [30. 06. 11]

The united company of Afisha and Rambler, which recently re-branded itself and launched Rambler-Fund for online start-ups, has agreed to acquire a majority stake in the Russian online gaming information net Kanobu Network operator Online Media from Kite Ventures of Edward Shenderovich and Kanobu founder Gadgi Makhtiev, announced Rambler.  The deal could be valued at [...]

Mangrove Capital to Invest in BeStylish.com Online Shoe Store in India

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Posted by: admin @ 05:23 [29. 06. 11]

When it comes to exploring some of the best VC deals, it’s not only about Russia and Africa. The leading European early-stage venture capital firm Mangrove Capital Partners has made an investment in e-commerce in India. Mangrove Capital funded Indian online shoe store Bestylish. The investment should be in the range of several million dollars. [...]

India’s Group Buying Site, DealsAndYou Funded by Mangrove Capital

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Posted by: admin @ 04:35 [29. 06. 11]

In June 2010, Group Buying Global AG and Smile Interactive Group of Harish Bahl from India acquired Indian group buying portal WanaMo.com. WanaMo has been rebranded as DealsAndYou. Mangrove Capital invested in DealsAndYou. India’s leading online group buying portal DealsAndYou.com features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in [...]

Vkontakte May Do IPO in 2012; Will Join Billion Dollar Valuation Club

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Posted by: admin @ 04:33 [24. 06. 11]

The largest Russian social network Vkontakte is in early talks with investment banks regarding IPO in New York in 2012, according to Bloomberg news. Launched in late 2006, Vkontakte reported revenues of $94 million in 2010. VKontakte revenues is expected to increase more than 30% to over $120 million in 2011. Vkontakte‘s monthly audience reached [...]

Rambler to Use Yandex Search and Ads

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Posted by: admin @ 08:51 [23. 06. 11]

The leading Russian online portal Rambler has implemented Yandex Search on Rambler.ru. The search services on Rambler are powered by Yandex search engine and Rambler displays ads from Yandex.Direct (Яндекс.Директ), Yandex Advertising Network, according to it. According to our calculations, Yandex should add between $10 million and $20 million, or less than 5% to its [...]

Harris & Harris Group to Get RUSNANO’s $125 Million for New Fund

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Posted by: admin @ 07:31 [23. 06. 11]

The Russian nanotechnilogy investment company RUSNANO has agreed to invest up to $125 million out of $250 million in a U.S. – Russia technology transfer fund to be managed by Harris & Harris Group, according to RUSNANO announcement. Harris & Harris Group is a publicly traded venture capital firm exclusively focused on investing in companies enabled [...]

RUSNANO to Invest $200 Million in Burrill Life Sciences Capital Fund IV

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Posted by: admin @ 06:55 [23. 06. 11]

Burrill Life Science Capital Fund IV, a new $500 million life sciences investment fund to be managed by Burrill & Company, will get a $200 million capital investment from the Russian nanotechnology investment company RUSNANO. This is the largest equity capital investment commitment by a Russian company in a U.S. private equity fund. San Francisco-based [...]

15M Installs Social Games Company Drimmi Launches First iOS Game

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Posted by: admin @ 13:02 [21. 06. 11]

Initially funded by ABRT Fund and Mangrove Capital Partners, social games developer Drimmi has released its first iOS game SnowBall Duel HD. With its social games installed by over 15 million users, Drimmi shall aim for a major venture capital financing in 2011. Launched in late 2009, social games company Drimmi released its social games [...]

Afisha Rambler Launches Rambler-Fund for Online Start-Ups

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Posted by: admin @ 10:45 [21. 06. 11]

After NASDAQ-listed Yandex launched its Yandex.Factory start-up investment initiative in early 2011, the other major Russian online companies such as London-listed Mail.ru Group and ProfMedia-owned Rambler aimed to respond. The united company of Afisha and Rambler has launched its own start-up investment program called Rambler-Fund. Rambler-Fund (Рамблер-Фонд) plans to invest up to $100,000 (3 million [...]

Flirtic Raises Funds from Almaz Capital Russia Fund

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Posted by: admin @ 07:39 [9. 06. 11]

VC turned entrepreneur Andres Susi online dating startup Flirtic raised a round of venture capital funding from Almaz Capital/Cisco Russia Fund I, the company announced today. The Estonian investor Allan Martinson funded Firtic also nominated Myspace Senior Vice President April Henry as its board member. The new investment should be in the range of $1 [...]

Intel Capital Leads $12 Million Round in Sapato.ru, Russian Online Shoe Store

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Posted by: admin @ 04:29 [9. 06. 11]

Zappos for Russia, Sapato.ru has raised $12 million in new funding, the company announced today. The investment round was led by Intel Capital, which contributed a majority of $12 million. The previous investors such as eVenture Capital, Kinnevik and Direct Group also joined the round. Sapato previously raised over $5 million from German Otto Group-backed [...]

Almaz and Intel Capital Invest in AlterGeo, Foursquare for Russia

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Posted by: admin @ 01:15 [9. 06. 11]

Intel Capital and Almaz Capital have led a new round of funding in AlterGeo, a Russian geo social service. Intel and Almaz invested several million dollar in exchange for a 25% stake in AlterGeo, valuing it at $20 million, according to newspaper Vedomosti. That could imply $5 million new investment. AlterGeo previously raised $1 million [...]

Yandex.Factory (Yandex.Start) to Invest in Zenmoney.ru

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Posted by: admin @ 05:06 [8. 06. 11]

The leading Russian search engine company Yandex, which completed $1.4 billion IPO on NASDAQ in May 2011, has invested in personal finance startup Zenmoney.ru. The investment was made as part of Yandex.Factory (Яндекс.Фабрика) initiative, according to Yandex start-up blog. Zenmoney will have to use Yandex.API for future service development. Founded in early 2010, Zenmoney.ru (Дзенмани.ру) offers [...]

UFG Sells Rising Star Media’s KinoStar DeLuxe Cinemas to Cinema Park of ProfMedia

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Posted by: admin @ 06:00 [7. 06. 11]

The leading Russian nationwide cinema network Cinema Park has agreed to acquire Rising Star Media, operator of KinoStar DeLuxe Cinemas chain of movie theaters in Russia from UFG Private Equity, Shari Redstone and Paul Heth, according to ProfMedia press announcement. The acquisition was financed from own funds of Cinema Park‘s owner ProfMedia of Russian billionaire [...]

RUSNANO to Invest $15 Million in SiTime

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Posted by: admin @ 05:46 [1. 06. 11]

// The Russian nanotechnology investment company RUSNANO has agreed to invest $15 million out of $22 million investment in a new round in SiTime Corpotation, an analog semiconductor company developing MEMS-based silicon timing solutions. Based in California and Ukraine, SiTime plans to open a new design center in Russia with new funds, according to Rusnano. [...]

Rambler New Logo and Brand Unveiled

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Posted by: admin @ 03:36 [1. 06. 11]

When Rambler merged with Afisha in 2010, it appointed new CEO Nikolay Molibog from Afisha, who replaced Olga Turischeva. The united company of Afisha and Rambler, which is owned by media group ProfMedia, has unvelied a new logo and brand of Rambler, reported newspaper Vedomosti. The new logo and brand were created by Afisha’s art [...]