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Russian Marussia Becomes Partner of Virgin Racing F1 Team

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Posted by: Quintura @ 10:03 [16. 12. 09]

Russian sports car manufacturer Marussia has become a partner of Virgin Racing, a new F1 Team launched by Sir Richard Branson, announced the company.

MaRussia is venture financed and majority owned by Steepler founder Andrey Cheglakov. The computer firm Steepler made Dendy, one of the most popular game consoles in Russia in the 1990s.

Marussia was founded in 2007 by showman and driver Nikolay Fomenko (Marussia President) and ideologist Yefim Ostrovsky. Marussia Motors, which is managed by CEO Andrey Kolesnikov, is based in Moscow and employs a staff of 200 people. Marussia has a technology partnership with Virgin Racing’s engine partner, British engineering firm Cosworth that supplies an engine, drive train and other engineering expertise.

Marussia recently showcased its first sports coupe B1 and B2 at Frankfurt Motor Show 2009. The company managed to collect 17 orders at the show for its $100,000+  cars that were pre-paid. Marussia plans to introduce crossover and sport-utility vehicles in early 2010.

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