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Google Seeks to Move to Meaning-Based Search – Quintura Does It

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Posted by: Quintura @ 01:58 [4. 09. 09]

Google CEO, Erick Schmidt has revealed in his recent interview to Techcrunch that Google needs to move from words to meaning, i.e. better understand search queries and return results based on meaning of the query.

“We have to get from the sort of casual use of asking, querying…to “what did you mean?””, he told to TechCrunch.

The search technology that powers Quintura visual-based search services such as Quintura Site Search and Quintura for Kids operates like a human brain. Quintura, whose index features a search cloud of related terms to easily refine searching, returns search results based on meaning and not keywords. Its search index is based on contextual relationships among search terms.

Quintura has been awarded five U.S. patents for its neural networking search technology and graphical search interface. The patents validate neural networks for search, visualization and context management, contextual accuracy and relevance of search results, and use of neural networks for keyword generation.

That is why some major providers of online information has expressed serious interest in licensing the Quintura technology for meaning-based search and navigation.

See also Quintura’s Search Cloud vs. Google’s Wonder Wheel.

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