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15M Installs Social Games Company Drimmi Launches First iOS Game

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Posted by: admin @ 13:02 [21. 06. 11]

Initially funded by ABRT Fund and Mangrove Capital Partners, social games developer Drimmi has released its first iOS game SnowBall Duel HD. With its social games installed by over 15 million users, Drimmi shall aim for a major venture capital financing in 2011.

Launched in late 2009, social games company Drimmi released its social games in Russian social networks Odnoklassniki.ru, Vkontakte, Moi Mir (MyWorld@Mail.ru) and others. Drimmi was founded by Nikita Sherman.

Drimmi released seven game titles such as Fish Place (Рыбное Место), Monkeys (Обезьянки), Poker Quest (Покер Квест), Happy Doctor (Веселый Доктор), Magic Country (Волшебная Страна), ShowBiz (ШоуБиз) and SnowBall Duel.

Drimmi‘s most popular game Fish Place is being played in such European social networks as VZ (called Fischerei) in Germany, Netlog in Belgium, Nasza Klasa (NK) in Poland, Draugiem in Latvia and Rate in Estonia.

The Russian social games publisher Pixonic recently raised $5 million from Ventech.

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