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RUSNANO Demonstrates Plastic Logic E-Reader Tablet for Schools in Russia

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Posted by: admin @ 07:01 [20. 08. 11]

When RUSNANO agreed to invest in Cambridge, UK-developed plastic electronics display maker Plastic Logic last year, the investment may have raised some questions in Russia. Having demonstrated Plastic Logic-developed electronic reader tablet to Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, RUSNANO CEO Anatoly Chubays should have answered those questions – this tablet e-reader can be used in Russian schools.

There are over 50,000 schools in Russia. With e-reader’s cost of 12,000 Roubles (ca. $420), it sounds like a billion dollar market opportunity for Plastic Logic, of which RUSNANO is a significant shareholder.

The first 1,000 tablet e-readers of Plastic Logic are going be tested in Russian schools as a pilot project in upcoming fall. The project is expected to result in tablet e-reader’s certification by the Russian Ministry of Education. The Plastic Logic-made e-reader tablet can be used instead of textbooks in Russian schools.

Thanks to breakthrough plastics technology, Plastic Logic‘s e-reader thin profile makes it as comfortable to hold as a pad of paper. RUSNANO made an investment in Plastic Logic to build a production facility for Plastic Logic’s next-generation plastic displays in Zelenograd, Moscow region and help establish a commercial plastic electronics industry in Russia.

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