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Yandex CEO Arkady Volozh Named GQ Man Of The Year 2012 In Russia

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Posted by: admin @ 15:45 [22. 09. 12]

Yandex founder and CEO Arkady Volozh has been named GQ Man Of The Year 2012 in Russia. Volozh also won GQ Bisinessman Of The Year 2012. The award ceremony for GQ Men Of The Year 2012 was held last Friday. In 2008, GQ Russia named Odnoklassniki.ru social network founder Albert Popkov as Businessman Of The Year.

Russia’s leading search engine and contextual advertising company Yandex, whose market capitalization is $8 billion, went public on NASDAQ in May 2011. Yandex holds 60% search market share in Russia vs. Google‘s search share of 26%.

Arkady Volozh is the principal founder and Chief Executive Officer of Yandex. Previously, Arkady Volozh was CEO of CompTek International. In 1990, he set up Arkadia, which developed search software. His early achievements include the development of electronic search for use in patents and Russian classical literature. Volozh holds a degree in applied mathematics from the Gubkin Institute of Oil and Gas.

GQ Men Of The Year 2012 Winner List:

Break Through Talent: Oxxxymiron

Woman Of The Year: Avdotia Smirnova

Polititian Of The Year: Alexei Kudrin

Musician Of The Year: Auktyon

Producer Of The Year: Alexander Rodnyansky

Writer Of The Year: Boris Akunin

Journalist Of The Year: Grigory Revzin

TV Personality Of The Year: Nikolay Naumov

Sportsman Of The Year: Evgeni Malkin

Restauranteur Of The Year: Kirill Gusev

Designer Of The Year: Slava Zaitsev

Actor Of The Year: Alexander Yatsenko

Style Icon: Adrien Brody

International Man Of The Year: Michael Phelps

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