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Will Yandex Take on Google?

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Posted by: Quintura @ 18:33 [7. 04. 08]

The leading Russian search engine Yandex has expanded its web index outside of Russia by indexing the first billion pages outside the RU domain, says Yandex’s webmaster blog. For example, when one makes a search for an English keyword on Yandex, the search engine will return one result from the COM domain (or other domain) and the other nine results from the RU domain. The ranking of search results is according to Yandex’s general search ranking rules with no particular preference given to non-Russian results.

Yandex has a web index of more than 4 billion pages, including 3 billion pages in Russia. ComScore recently ranked Yandex as the ninth search engine globally.

According to Yandex statistics, 15% of its searches are in a language other than Russian. That would imply that 15% of Yandex revenues from search ads could come from non-Russian searches. Google is number 2 in Russia with 31% market share of referrals behind Yandex with 44% market share, according to LiveInternet.ru.

By expanding its web index outside the RU domain, Yandex will likely seek to retain those of its users who usually switch to Google for searching information outside the RU domain.

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