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Yandex New Logo Says It Becomes Household Name in Russia

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Posted by: Quintura @ 23:47 [24. 08. 08]

The leading Russian search engine Yandex will launch a new logo on Monday, August 25. The new logo displays the Yandex name in Cyrillic, Яндекс. The change reflects a fact that Yandex has become a household name in Russia. When people think of both Internet and search in the country, they think of Yandex. All the previous Yandex logos and the new one were developed by design consultancy Art. Lebedev Studio.

Yandex CEO Arkady Volozh revealed in his interview to Times today of why the company manages to keep the search engine leadership in Russia. “Our technology is better suited for the Russian market,” Volozh said. “We have brilliant mathematicians and programmers. We are very strong on data analysis and have developed better technology, which is cutting-edge in Russia. We are constantly inventing new programs to stay ahead.”

Yandex not only develops but also makes acquisitions. To stay ahead of Google in Russia, the company acquired road traffic information service SMILink, business social network MoiKrug, and bought out its partner in online payment system Yandex.Money.

The upcoming Yandex IPO is expected to be the biggest technology IPO on NASDAQ in 2008. According to the company’s own statistics, its services had 50 million visitors in June 2008.

Update: Yandex recently announced on its corporate blog that the company had 1,500 employees in August 2008, up from 1,000 in November 2007. According to the company, it has 94 open vacancies.

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